Saturday, April 25, 2009

[WIP] Pest Delivery Inc.

My work in progress in UWE, Bristol.

Title: Pest Delivery Inc. (Work In Progress)

Synopsis: An office delivery man who actually about to enjoy his own sweet time during lunch break hour was disrupted by another irriting character, story ends with a surprise that the latter appeared to be the new assigned manager and it's his first day at work.

Duration: Approximately 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

Executed Softwares: Maya, Pixar RenderMan for Maya, modo, Photoshop.

below are some Pre-Production stills, Character TurnTable Reel & the 2D Animatic video.

● Concept Art - Pencil Sketch

● Concept Art - Color

● Pre-Production - Outline for CG Modeling

● Pre-Production - CG Flat Shaded

● Characters - Final CG textured & rendered

● Character TurnTable Reel

● 2D Sketch Animatic

That's all for this post, will post further updates on my next post like character walk cycles, prop & environment etc. I do welcome any comments, suggestions, critics on my work. Thank You!