Saturday, April 25, 2009

[WIP] Pest Delivery Inc.

My work in progress in UWE, Bristol.

Title: Pest Delivery Inc. (Work In Progress)

Synopsis: An office delivery man who actually about to enjoy his own sweet time during lunch break hour was disrupted by another irriting character, story ends with a surprise that the latter appeared to be the new assigned manager and it's his first day at work.

Duration: Approximately 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

Executed Softwares: Maya, Pixar RenderMan for Maya, modo, Photoshop.

below are some Pre-Production stills, Character TurnTable Reel & the 2D Animatic video.

● Concept Art - Pencil Sketch

● Concept Art - Color

● Pre-Production - Outline for CG Modeling

● Pre-Production - CG Flat Shaded

● Characters - Final CG textured & rendered

● Character TurnTable Reel

● 2D Sketch Animatic

That's all for this post, will post further updates on my next post like character walk cycles, prop & environment etc. I do welcome any comments, suggestions, critics on my work. Thank You!


  1. Oh yeah, this new blog was made my day man~!
    Love the design of the them, render look cool also..I gonna watching this out dude~! CAnt wait for it. ^ ^

  2. yo man, thanks for dropping by! Glad that u enjoy viewing my work. The color renders were done by the RenderMan engine in maya, still exploring it, while the flat shaded ones were rendered in modo...Anyway thanks for your support~