Friday, May 29, 2009

Pest Delivery Inc.

Finally completed my final animated short film. Still, as usual: feel free to leave any comments or suggestions! Thank you for your time!

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Title: Pest Delivery Inc.

Duration: 2 minutes 50 seconds

It was a bored day in the office. Bob's sweet lunch break time was eventually interrupted by an uninvited guest popping in at his office doorstep.

Description: Done for the module Self-Directed Study in Animation (UADA4V 60-3) of BA (Hons) Animation Level 3 in Faculty of Creative Arts, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK.

Actual timeline engaged in production: 5 months (from scratch until final output)

Software used:
Autodesk Maya (rendered with Maya Mental Ray, Pixar Renderman for Maya)
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
Luxology modo

Soundtrack by: Tuned Up Productions

Copyright © 2009 Jamien Lee. All Rights Reserved.


  1. 1st sit here~ :p
    overall nice n good(better thn us ==")
    i like your lighting mood ,good rendering ...
    animation anything ok, but your animation can do more big movement, some part movement very slow..erm...that all..just for my opinion..
    good luck.

  2. Hello and thank you again for dropping by watching my animation! I appreciate your suggestion & comments~ Well, before this I am not Maya user, still learning...also with the Mental Ray rendering in maya, still exploring as well...
    about the animation, I agree with what you stated here but then we have a tight deadline and therefore I don't have time to tweak the animation more as need to prioritize completion of the film.
    Anyway thanks & good luck to you as well! Nice meeting another good Animator like you. :)

  3. Great work dude! As usual, very strong Jamien's style and I like ur characters and texturing, and the story, definitely better than Dasein's one,Uni level ma :) Well congratulations you've made it, hard work pays off, enjoy yourself during summer break(aussie's winter) and wish you all the best in your career,goodluck mate. Cheers!

    (it's my turn to work on my animation) T_T

  4. Thanks for watching dude, I am glad you enjoy the short animation! and also I appreciate your compliments and grateful for your warm greetings there! Same goes to you, all the very best to your final project and also your future career~ You can do it for your animation! Stay in touch~