Saturday, October 3, 2009

[Test] 2D Digital Mini 'Game'

During the period of job hunting, this is a test I was engaged with as I applied for Game Artist position at Playfish Ltd. London office. It was a Flash project and I have to admit that my knowledge in operating Flash is quite basic, consequently this test was quite a challenge for me. Anyway I managed to finish it and submitted back, although the job was not secure but optimistically I'd learned some new tips & tricks especially animating in Flash throughout this test project. I am here to thank Mr. Henrique at Playfish Ltd. London for providing me the opportunity doing such task, also for not minding about free discussion and posting of the project materials.

Here's the Brief:
Create an alien main character called 'Zephir' along with his sidekick/pet 'Zippy' for a 2D Flash-based game using vectors (not bitmaps). The game will be heavily stylized, with a cartoon mood, filled with humour. Zephir and Zippy should convey their emotions and intentions through exaggerated movements, and acknowledge the existence of the player in the other side of the screen guiding them out. Zephir comes from an advanced civilization (far more advanced than the humans) and will feature all sorts of gadgets. He's not on a mission to enslave humanity, though: he's a bounty-hunter looking for alien criminals around this corner of the galaxy. He's intelligent, but not necessarily clever. Zippy is... (this space left blank on purpose, make it whatever you want!)

1. Concept art, initial design. (done in Autodesk SketchBook Pro)

2. Model sheet.

3. Model sheet (Vectorized outline).

4. Height Relation (Vectorized outline).

5. Finalized Design.

6. Final Flash Previews.

7. Final SWF Flash.

Dimension (original): 720x540 pixels
Software used: Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk SketchBook Pro.

Copyright © 2009 Jamien Lee. Brief by Playfish Ltd.

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  1. Another Zephir/Zippy! Huzzah! (Mine is on the first page of my blog )

    Your version has very nice animation, the visuals are very clean. Its very easy to tell the personality of the character too - something which I fell flat on in my own version (I'm not really a 2D animator). I like the button animations too, theyre very classy.